The Low Down on Manual vs. Automatic Transmission

Driving is a huge responsibility because your life as well as everyone inside your vehicle depends on you. Before you take over the wheel, it is vital that you are truly familiar with the vehicle and how to operate it.

When it comes to driving, the most important aspect is the transmission, since it is responsible for the movement of the gears that will make the wheels turn. There are two types of transmission: manual and automatic. How does the transmission affect your driving ability?

The Role of Transmission in Motor Vehicles

Transmission is the one that allows your car to run. Without it, the gears inside your car will not move and your wheels will not work. If your transmission line is damaged, you will need to have your engine dismantled, which is a pretty expensive service. Your car's transmission is one of the most important parts that you need to keep an eye on. Major problems may result to total overhaul and replacement of the engine.

When buying a car, the transmission is the first thing you need to think of. As a driver, the transmission will be your main tool for controlling the vehicle. Sure, you can always learn how to use the other type of transmission. You may even already know how to drive both transmissions. But you will definitely have a preference over the two.

Let's see what advantages each one has to offer.

The Pros of Automatic Transmission

  • Simple to use and easier to learn for new drivers
  • Less limb work and more freedom for the hands
  • More efficient for inclined roads
  • Quicker acceleration
  • Less stressful to drive during heavy traffic

The Pros of Manual Transmission

  • Cheaper cost
  • Less expensive to maintain and service
  • More efficient in fuel consumption
  • More human control

Which One is Better?

Ultimately, there is no "better". It is a highly debatable topic where no one will become the winner. The judgment falls on the driver's hands alone. If you are a driver who was trained to drive manual transmission, it will most likely be your top choice. However, if you are a new driver who is used to driving on automatic, manual will surely be your last resort.

Whether you use manual or automatic cars, what matters is that you are a responsible and knowledgeable driver. As long as you drive safely, follow road rules, and respect traffic laws, the type of transmission should not matter.

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