The Car Cleanliness Test

How clean is your car? Are you confident that you're giving your car the right care and maintenance for long-term efficiency? There's a way for you to get a definite answer, and it's through the car cleanliness test.

What is the Car Cleanliness Test?

This test is a simple exercise to see how clean or dirty your car is. You will need very few materials to finish the test and once and for all know if you're cleaning your car enough.

Test #1: The Paint Swipe Test

You can do this by simply running your finger over your car paint, or you can use a piece of white cloth or even tissue paper to do it. Just wipe it on the hood of your car. If there's a lot of dust accumulated on the cloth, it only means your car is dirty and may need some wiping or washing.

Test #2: The Brake Dust Test

Brake dust can damage your car wheels and tire performance. How do you know if there's already too much brake dust on your tires? You can just run your finger on the wheels. In fact, even a simple look on the wheels will clearly indicate if you've got a lot of brake dust. In this case, a thoroughly cleaning will be needed.

Test #3: The Carpet Shake Test

Pat your carpet a couple of times with your hand or a feather duster. If you see a lot of dust particles flying around in the air, or worse, if you sneeze, then your car needs some good vacuuming. Make sure you vacuum every nook and cranny in your car because accumulated dirt can cause molds and foul odors over time.

Test #4: The Car Seat Swipe Test

Just like the car paint test, use your finger or a clean piece of white cloth to wipe on your car seats. If there's dirt or grime, it means you need to wipe and condition your car seats. If your car seats are made of soft fabric, this test may not work, but the shake test will. Just give your car seats a few solid pats and wait for the dust to fly around.

Test #5: The Whiff Test

The best time to do a whiff test is when you haven't opened your car in a day or two. Open the car door and stick your head inside. If you smell something unpleasant, that means you need some good cleaning inside. There might be a piece of moldy food stuck somewhere, or your car seats and mats may need to be washed.

These simple tests are just gauges to help you determine if your car needs cleaning. However, it is ideal to at least give your car a good clean once every three months and wash it every two to three weeks. With proper cleaning and regular maintenance, your car will stay in good working condition for many years to come!

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