6 Hints That Show Your Mechanic Isn't the Best

Finding a good mechanic isn't easy, but there are thousands of mechanics in the entire country, probably millions! Some of them may have their own shops, while others may be working in major auto repair companies.

Regardless of where you take your car, it's easy to decipher whether your mechanic is someone worth keeping in the long run or not. Surely, you wouldn't want to entrust one of your most important possessions to someone who isn't

1. Your car always needs maintenance.

Is your car always scheduled for a repair at the mechanic's shop? Are your car problems never ending? Some mechanics may do some damage on purpose so that you'll have to keep coming back, or they may tell you that you need a follow up even though your car is perfectly fine.

2. He asks you to buy expensive stuff for your car.

Does your mechanic tell you that this brand is better than that one, and this brand just so happens to be ten times more expensive that the other choice? Sure, cost may reflect quality, but you don't necessarily need luxury car parts to make your car work properly. There are very affordable car parts that are easy to find and also highly reliable.

3. The problems he solves recur every few months.

So you went to the mechanic to have your lights fixed, only to find them malfunctioning again after a couple of months. What's the problem? Is it your car or the mechanic? If a mechanic can't solve the problem correctly, it will most likely recur.

4. He can't answer your questions directly.

When asking your mechanic, can he explain your car problems clearly? Can he make average joes understand technical car talk? Or is he vague and difficult to communicate with? Just like a doctor making a diagnosis, a mechanic needs to properly explain what your car's problem is, what options there are to fix it, and how fixing it can help improve your car's performance.

5. He makes bad decisions that cause further problems.

A mechanic that makes a diagnostic mistake can cause even more problems later on. When the solution is not correctly administered, the root of the problem will not be fixed and in the long run, may create bigger damage.

6. He doesn't seem genuinely concerned about your car.

Rather, he may seem only willing to care and take a look at your car because you're a paying customer. He may often be preoccupied when you visit and doesn't even pay close attention to you when you go to the repair shop. He may also be talking to someone else while you're there, whether it's another customer or someone he works with. Clearly, this shows he has little to no concern about your car or you as a customer.

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