10 Steps to Ensure a Clean Car Interior

A lot of car owners spend a lot of their time in their vehicles. Some practically live in them especially those who have big families and kids. Having said, your car can end up dirty and possibly unhygienic if you don’t know how to properly clean and maintain the condition of your car interior.

Getting it professionally cleaned on a regular basis will add costs to your monthly expenses. A practical alternative is to do it yourself. Surprisingly, it’s easy to do, plus you get to save a few bucks as well.  

Follow these quick and easy steps to keep a fresh and clean car interior.

  1. Prepare your cleaning materials. This includes a vacuum cleaner, hose, microfiber towels, KevianClean Leather Cleaner, and KevianClean Interior Defense.  
  2. Take out all the trash inside your vehicle and remove the floor mats as well. Shake off and hose down your floor mats to get rid of the accumulated dirt and grime. Then let it dry before putting it back inside the vehicle.
  3. Vacuum all areas including the floorboards, upholstery, carpets, mats, areas under the seats and pedals, and other hard to reach locations. Make sure you cover the gaps as well.  
  4. Use the KevianClean Interior Defense spray on your dashboard, vinyl, and plastic interiors. It will gently lift off the dirt and grime off the surface giving it a natural shine.  Make sure you use a clean and soft cloth to wipe off the dust.
  5. For leather interiors, use the KevianClean Leather Cleaner & Conditioner to smoothly remove the dirt in your leather seats and interior. It will also protect the leather fabric and maintain its best condition. This will prevent the leather material from drying and cracking.
  6. Use a microfiber cloth or a soft brush to clean leather interiors. Do not scrub too hard on the surface as you might damage the material and discolor it at the same time.
  7. To clean the windows, wet your rag with warm ammonia water or cleaner. Before polishing it, double-check if the solution is compatible with your tint. After washing and wiping the windows, buff the surface with paper towels until all marks are removed.
  8. Use a toothbrush or a Q-tip to detail and remove dust in hard to reach areas. This includes vents, crevices, trims, and inner surfaces.  
  9. For stained carpets, use a plastic brush to clean the spot. Avoid getting the carpet too wet as it might acquire mildew.
  10. If your vehicle has a cloth upholstery, you can clean it using a soft damp cloth. Again, avoid the upholstery from getting soaked.  

By regularly cleaning your car interior, you will less likely accumulate dirt and grime. As a driver and passenger, having a clean and well-maintained car will make you feel lighter, fresher, and healthier.

Your car will smell better, appear polished, and feel like its brand new. KevianClean Leather Cleaner & Conditioner and KevianClean Interior Defense will help keep your car in top shape.

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